Film Scanners

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Film Scanners

A Total Photogrammetric Film Scanning Solution

We own and operate two Z/I Imaging PhotoScan photogrammetric film scanners, which incorporate digital scanning technologies developed by Carl Zeiss and Intergraph for superior optical integrity and geometric accuracy – with performance and quality in mind.

The PhotoScan devices digitize black-and-white and color aerial film at extremely high speed resulting in high-quality digital outputs. Both of our scanners are equipped with the automated roll-feel option for automated scanning of full rolls of film. We have configured our scanners to streamline the delivery of scanned film products to our clients.

Key Features:

7 micron optical, digitally aggregated 14, 21, 28, 56, 112, 224 microns
275 mm X 250 mm
10 bits/channel
8- or 12-bit monochromatric, 24- or 36-bit color