Airborne GPS Data

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Airborne GPS Data

NovAtel SPAN-SE GPS/INS Receiver (GNSS)

Midwest Aerial takes pride in acquiring imagery and photography over your area of interest when you need it. And we get it right the first time. That’s one of the reasons we use tightly coupled GPS/IMU (inertial measurement unit) systems for accurate and reliable acquisitions of both digital imagery and film photography.

For more than X years, we have relied on the NovAtel SPAN-SE dual frequency GPS/INS (also known as a GNSS receiver). Since adding this unit to our inventory, we have never had to re-fly a project area due to poor airborne GPS data.

Our GPS is tightly coupled with the onboard IMU to collect accurate GPS position points during the acquisition process, which dramatically reduces the number of ground control points needed for processing. When the imagery is processed, the GPS or GNSS location data is used to georeference the image data to its correct location relative to the ground.