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Fleet of Seven Aircraft Ensures Reliable, On Time Acquisition

Midwest Aerial Photography owns a fleet of seven aircraft which gives us the capacity to fly several projects simultaneously or assign multiple aircraft to a single project. This fleet also gives us redundancy, enabling us to assign a back-up aircraft to a project in rare cases where the primary aircraft is grounded for maintenance. Because we take timely acquisition of your target area so seriously, Midwest Aerial has established an aircraft maintenance facility, Central Ohio Aircraft Repair (COAR), which always puts our airplanes at the head of the line for repairs.

Our fleet includes two single-engine Cessna 206s, two twin-engine Piper Aztecs, a twin-engine AeroCommander 500s, and two twin-engine Cessna 310Rs. We typically deploy the twins for digital imaging projects with our Z/I Imaging DMC II cameras due to their faster speeds and heavier payload capacity. Film photography projects are flown with either a twin or single-engine aircraft.

Aircraft Ceiling Max. Speed Range
Piper Aztec 19,800 ft. 188 knots 758 nm
Cessna 206 16,700 ft. 154 knots 563 nm
AeroCommander 500s 19,400 ft. 215 knots 1,078 nm
Cessna 310R 19,750 ft. 207 knots 661 nm