USDA (US Department of Agriculture)…..

Below are “”Forms”” you can download:
Film Can Labels— Film Transmittal Forms—
Film Can Labels To Clients.doc Film Transmittal USDA Film to APL.doc
Film Can Labels To Processing.doc
Film Can Labels USDA Film to Process.doc
State Shipment Forms—
Shipments Of Alabama (PSU).doc
Shipments Of Florida (PSU).doc
Shipments Of Indiana(PSU).doc
Shipments Of Michigan(PSU).doc
Shipments Of Mississippi(PSU).doc
Shipments of Ohio(PSU).doc
Shipments of West Virginia(PSU).doc
Shipments of Alabama(SLI).doc
Shipments of Florida(SLI).doc
Shipments of Indiana(SLI).doc
Shipments of Michigan(SLI).doc
Shipments of Mississippi(SLI).doc
Shipments of Ohio(SLI).doc
Shipments of West Virginia(SLI).doc