ABGPS (Airborne GPS)…..

In-progress, Please be patient as we continue to work on this.

Below are “”Forms”” you can download:

Airborne GPS Rover Setup
Aircors (PDF file)
Base Station Information Sheet (XLS file)
Airborne GPS Accuracies (PDF file)
PPP Multi-Pass Report (PDF file)
PPP Static (PDF file)

Antenna Offsets:

DMCII Offsets (XLS file) Antenna Offset (ZIP file)
Topo Antenna Offset Diagram (PDF file)
Topo Antenna Directions(Doc file)
GrafNav Antenna Offset (PDF file) N244AC—
GrafNav Directions (Doc file) N244AC Offsets (PDF file)
N244AC SHRIKE (Doc file)
N7052H— N4645F—
N7052H Aztec (Doc file) N4645F Cessna (Doc file)
N7052H Aztec Digital (Doc file) N4645F Offsets (PDF file)
N7052H Aztec Digital (PDF file) N5232U—
N7052H Aztec(Doc file) N5232U Cessna (Doc file)
N7052H Aztec(PDF file) N5232U Cessna (PDF file)
N7052H Aztec Green offsets (Doc file) N6879A—
N7052H Aztec Green offsets-1 (Doc file) N6879A Aztec Digital (Doc file)
N7052H Offsers (PDF file) N6879A Aztec Digital (PDF file)
N6879A Aztec (Doc file)
N6879A Aztec Offset (PDF file)

Below are “”Procedures”” that can be downloaded:

04 Datum (PPT file) Airborne Span Project PostFlight Procedures (Doc file)
S Post Processing (Doc file) Processing ABGPS (Doc file)
Airborne GPS Rover Setup (Doc file)
Airborne Span Project Postflight(A) (Doc file)
Airborne Span Project Postflight(B) (Doc file)
GPS Serial Num. Key (XLS file) Post Processing ABGPS (Doc file)
Post Processing Final Formatting ABGPS (Doc file) Post Processing for Changing GPS setting in Snapshot (Doc file)

Below are the slides to the video:
04 Datum (slides)

Antenna Offset Procedures:

N244AC— N7052H—
N244AC Offsets (PDF file) N7052H Offsets(A) (Doc file)
N244AC Offsets(A) (Doc file) N7052H Offsets(B) (Doc file)
N244AC Offsets(B) (Doc file) N7052H Offsets (PDF file)

Below is “”Software”” you can download:

Waypoint Software Consulting Inc.zip
NavNet Manual.pdf