Web Page Updates and Learning Tools

This page is to keep the info on how to work with this website and Word Press.

Allison Kramer is the Web Designer that worked to initially set up the page

ALLISON KRAMER  CEO, Internet Marketing Consultant
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To create video and embed links. The name of the software is called Jing and Screencast .

How to create Anchor Tags or Anchor Links in Word Press
An anchor link is the target for a hyper-link within the same document
Place this code (xxx is the name you make for the anchor point) at the location where you want the anchor point.
<a name=”xxx”></a>
Template for anchor point within text, place this first in text mode.
Staying in text mode, go to the starting point where you want to begin and highlight the text you want to be the hyper link
click on the link button (while in text mode) and type “#xxx” in the URL address in the link dialogue box.
Example : <a href=”#leaving”>Leaving the Airport</a>