Project Status Sheet

Updating and Use of the Project Status Sheet

Procedures for Updating the Project Status Sheet.

Please read this completely.

1) Enter “New” projects on the Project Tracking tab with the next consecutive project number, and enter all pertinent project, client and delivery information.This needs to be filled out completely and accurately, with any special project instructions and client information. This document is the Primary source of project information. Everyone needs to reference this document for project information as we work through a project. I would also suggest that before we ship or deliver a project, that we double check the Project Tracking information to verify we are not making mistakes.
2) Copy required information to the Jobs tab, and mark as Go or HOLD as appropriate under the “Status” column.
(the map is created from information in the JOBS tab, and the ACE Project information is created from the Project Tracking tab).
3) Once a project has been flown, the date of the flight shall be entered into the project information on the Jobs tab. (status column) That information is then copied to the Project Tracking tab along with any updates or changes made to the information in the Jobs tab. (I usually just copy all of the “Jobs” information back to the Project Tracking tab)
4) That information shall also be copied to the “Flown Digital”, “Flown Film” or “Flown LiDAR” tabs as appropriate.

5) Additionally, that information is also copied to the Production Schedule tab. Once the data has been copied to the Production Schedule tab, the “Comments” section should be updated with any information regarding the processing and delivery of the imagery.

6) After processing is complete and the project has been delivered, the information shall be copied to the Archived Production Schedule tab to include all delivery information. Finally, the date of delivery shall be entered into the appropriate column in the Project Tracking tab.
Please follow these procedures when entering information, or moving project information within the Project Status Sheet. If you have questions or suggestions, please reply to


Should you find anything that is not clear or an error, please send an email to: