Project Delivery

Positional Data Delivery


LiDAR Data Delivery


Digital Imagery Delivery Checklist

1.  Images Checked in Global Mapper for quality and cohesion
2.  Image count matches Airborne data count and expected count from Project Status Sheet.
3.  Airborne data checked for correct georeferencing
4.  Digital Flight Log edited for this client/project in PDF format and matched to image numbers.
5.  TFW count matches
6.  Transmittal form filled out with correct data and content.
7.  Copy of final images saved to raid
8.  Txt batch file ran on delivery drive to record image names and totals sent to client
9.  Delivery content:

a.  Images
b.  TFWs
c.  Airborne Data
d.  Digital Flight Log
e.  Calibration Reports
f.  Transmittal Form

10.  Correct shipping company and delivery type selected