Post Flight Data Processing

Post Flight Data Processing

Airborne GPS (ABGPS) and IMU Data Processing for Digital Imagery

Airborne GPS (ABGPS) and IMU Data Processing for LiDAR

Airborne GPS (ABGPS) and IMU Data Processing for Small Format Digital Imagery


Airborne Processing Checklist

Check the exported txt file for the following

  1. Correct profile used, ie IMU US Survey ft, IMU International ft, etc
  2. Correct lever arm for the aircraft that was used
  3. Correct secondary lever arm for either 140 camera or 230 camera
  4. Correct time zone used
  5. Correct coordinate system selected based on Project Status Sheet information
  6. Correct Boresight selected for camera used

Check Final ABGPS Excel file for the following:

  1. Data matches acquisition time and image name of images used
  2. Data count matches image count
  3. Correct Header is transferred from txt file to Final ABGPS Data Excel file
  4. Time zone hrs second number changed to match first
  5. First line of Header has correct date, project name and camera serial number added to it





Should you find anything that is not clear or an error, please send an email to: