Flight Execution Procedures

Flight Execution Procedures



Action for when Gyro exceeds limits in turbulence

If a small job, refly any line that has

Warning: Mount angle Omega is out of range!


This is most likely to show up with low altitude flights.

If this error is happening on larger or county wide project. We need to think about ending the flight due to the potential for blurred imagery.

 Flight Logs

As of September 2, 2016, the digital Flight Logs have revised/updated just a bit. What has been added is a section for TURB (Turbulence) Factor and a section for Edited / Accepted, for QC of the imagery.

Please indicate the amount of turbulence for the flight line being collected from a scale of 0-5. 0 being smooth as glass, and 5 being extreme. This will help production in the QC of the imagery after processing. If we are collecting 29cm imagery and the air is smooth, there is no reason to look for image smear. If we are doing 10cm imagery collection in level 5 turb. We should be looking closely for motion in the imagery. SO….Please fill in the section with an appropriate number. Do NOT leave blank.

The Edited / Accepted space is for Production to complete after the imagery is processed and inspected. Any re-flights need to be noted here with comments about the reason for the re-flight, in the comments section. If the line is accepted, just enter Y.


During image collection, the flight crew completes the flight log with ALL pertinent information concerning the photo mission. A Blank section does not indicate “Good”  Please fill in all of the sections pertaining to the flight. Please add comments for each completed flight line.

After processing the imagery, the flight log will be used to aid in the inspection and QC and acceptance of the imagery. Acceptance or Rejection should be noted on the flight log with additional comments for any rejection. The flight log will be used for following processes and production of the imagery. The flight log should also be copied to the client folder, or working folder where it is available to everyone.


Should you find anything that is not clear or an error, please send an email to: admin@midwestaerialphoto.com