2016 Procedures

Main Page for Midwest Aerial Photography Procedures

This is the new Procedure Page to serve as a central location of all of our procedures.

NOTE: As you are tasked with adding information as we progress, please write in a Word .doc document (Not .docx) using ariel font size 12. Do not try to make it look pretty and add a lot of formatting. We need it to be pretty simple at this stage.

The person primarily responsible for the data within each division is the lead person named after each division. If you have any general questions, see Dale or Ken.  If you have specific questions, see the person listed as the lead in each section.  Thanks.

Following are the major divisions:

Hangar procedures  Pretty Much Done – Ready for comments and additions from others         Lead-Ken

Aircraft operations   Not set up yet         Lead-Josh

Flight Planning   Outline in Progress – Not set up yet         Lead-Dale

Project Status Sheets Updated September 27, 2016 – In Progress – Only updating the Project Status Sheet at this time    Lead-Dale

Flight Execution Procedures   Not set up yet         Lead-Josh

Post Flight Data Processing   Check List Added 2016-10-29           Lead-Darnell

Post Flight Digital Image Processing      Not set up yet    Lead-Nathan

Project Delivery       Digital imagry Q/C checklist added 2016-10-29     Lead-Dale, Nathan

Client Requests  Go here to find out what the specific requests are from our different Clients

Survey Procedures   Not set up yet                      Lead-Darnell

Aircraft Information   Pages are set up, but empty     Lead-Ken, Josh

Sensor Information (cameras and LiDAR)  Not set up yet         Lead-Darnell

Administrative Operations – Not set up yet          Lead-Dale, Tim, Ken

UAS Operations  Sept 30 Level 1 meeting notes added     Lead-On hold for now

DSLR Obliques Updated September 27, 2016 – In Progress – Only Photoshop procedures at this time     Lead-Ken


Click on one of the above links to go the procedures established for each division.

Should you find anything that is not clear or an error, please send an email to: admin@midwestaerialphoto.com