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Calibration Downloads

Camera Calibration Reports

The following files are in .pdf format (Get Adobe Reader). This format has proven to be the easiest and most universal format for users with different computer systems. Each document contains all pages of the report which you can print easily within Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, please click on the “Get Adobe Reader” link in the previous section to download this software. The alternative for sending you calibration reports in Adobe Acrobat format, is sending them to you as TIFF or JPEG scanned image files via email, sending a fax, or sending you a paper copy by mail. If this download technique does not work for you. Call us at (614) 853-2902 so that we can accommodate your needs.

Camera Identification

The Zeiss RMK TOP 15 cameras are the latest generation of film cameras produced by Carl Zeiss in Oberkochen, Germany. They are easy to identify by the digital printing between each frame of film. This digital printing is called data annotation.

The Zeiss RMK A camera is an older camera. It is identified by the four analog data chambers that print between each frame of film.

To Identify which RMK TOP Camera you need the report for, either check the flight report or film editing report sent to you along with the film, or you can identify the camera by looking at the film. With the data annotation correct reading, look just below the digital printing, on the right side, in the clear area in the corner of the image is the RMK TOP 15 logo (just to the left of fiducial number 7). The camera serial number will be just under the RMK TOP 15 logo.

Download Calibrations

Once you have identified which camera you have film for, you will then need to identify which report you should download. More than likely, you will need the most recent USGS calibration date for that camera. If you have older photography, then select the appropriate prior calibration date for the report. If you would like to know more about the RMK TOP cameras that we use, check out the ‘Services and Technology‘ section of our site.

February 21, 2013 (10kb)
August 8, 2012
January 18th, 2012 (10kb)
November 18th, 2011 (10kb)
September 14th, 2010 (51kb)
May 11, 2010 (7kb)
February 19, 2010 (7kb)
April 2, 2009
August 13, 2008
December 19, 2007
August 7, 2006